The running of Torrevieja University Hospital was finally handed over last Friday by Ribera Salud to the Valencian Health Authority, after 15 years of private management.

In response to statements by the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, in which she said that Ribera Salud had not provided her with the necessary aspects for an orderly and safe transition, the managing director of Ribera Salud in Torrevieja, José David Zafrilla, said that he was disappointed by her remarks, adding that “the transition has taken place in an impeccable manner with all of the appropriate information and records handed over correctly”

Zafrilla also said that about one hundred doctors and other medical professionals from strategic areas of the hospital and health centres across the authority are leaving because they have decided to transfer to other centres managed by Ribera or to follow other professional paths.

In response to the unforeseen vacancies, the Department of Health said that these positions will be filled in the coming weeks through the job market, however, it will not be easy, because the demand is much higher than the supply in all health departments, not only in Torrevieja.

Zafrilla added that Ribera Salud will continue to take legal action against this reversal process because they understand that “the decision was unilateral and driven by ideological criteria and not for technical or economic reasons.”