By Andrew Atkinson

The 20-20 Voice Cancer Charity whose former Patron was the late Villamartin based snooker star Willie Thorne, who passed away in Torrevieja hospital last year, have begun their Awareness Campaign.

20-20 Voice donated £17,256 – the price of a Thoracic Ultrasound Machine (TUM) – being the latest technology for cancer diagnostics.

Hospital Quirònsalud Torrevieja is one of the leading hospitals in Spain treating head and neck cancers, along with hospitals in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona.

Willie Thorne
Willie Thorne

20-20 Voice Cancer Charity Chairman Phil Johnson told The Leader: “The campaign puts the emphasis very firmly on the early diagnosis for Head & Neck cancer sufferers.

“Awareness for throat cancers is of major importance as they are always hidden and extremely difficult to spot.

“Five years ago 20-20 purchased the ‘Flexi-Video-Rhino-Laryngoscope’ which can reach down into our larynx.

“50% of the population will endure cancer at some stage during their lifetime, this ‘TUM’ is just what is needed by our hospitals.

“The Awareness Campaign early diagnosis is equally important to all, especially throat cancers, a small surgical procedure is far better than the 10-13 hour procedures some sufferers have had to endure in order to survive.”

There are approximately 12,000 new cases of Head & Neck cancers each year in the UK.

“20-20 Voice Cancer charity feels the time is right to start creating the awareness around the country, starting with Manchester,” added Phil Johnson.

Cancers of the head and neck are often identified by the site in which they originate.

Traditionally, sites of head and neck cancer include: Oral cavity (mouth, lips, gums, cheeks, tongue, tonsils and mouth floor).

Salivary glands, Nasal cavity/paranasal sinuses/ nasopharynx; Throat/pharynx. Larynx/voice box.

20-20 Voice Cancer Charity Patron Jill Saxby took over the role following the passing of former Patron and husband Willie Thorne.

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