On the very first day of Summer Schools, the socialist spokeswoman, Carolina Gracia, has denounced the councillor for education because of the “chaos and lack of information for families.”

She said that during the past week she has received dozens of calls from families who were being told that the activities were changing location, as in the case of the Miguel Hernández school, where following building work in the centre, many of the children were relocated while a number of activities were cancelled.

Gracia said that the appalling situation does nothing more than demonstrate “that this service, which is absolutely necessary for families when school term ends, is not among the priorities for education policy makers. She added that hundreds of families depend on this service during the school holidays in order to continue reconciling their work and family life.

Gracia concluded by stating “this chaos is not new, last year Orihuela was the very last city to start up the service and they also failed to contemplate the possibility of an extension to this year. She demanded that if it is contemplated that we have the service in 2022 it should be agreed and signed off as soon as possible so that Orihuela has this service planned before the end of the year”.



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