By Andrew Atkinson

A police ‘scam’ took place on July 16 in Los Montesinos when a member of the public who claimed to be a police officer stole an unsuspecting 85-year-old lady’s bank cards.

“A Spanish looking man, aged approximately 40, balding, 4ft 8-9″, who claimed to be a policeman stopped my wife,” said Frank Robinson.

The incident occurred near to Friends Cafe in Los Montesinos – within minutes of the local police station at 6pm.

“He said he was investigating two women- passing off forged notes – and suspected she was one of them,” Mr Robinson told The Leader.

“He said he was aware she had been to the market and supermarket Dia.

“My wife said his English was poor – but he was polite – and convincing.

“The man demanded to see my wife’s ID and during a check of her documents somehow managed to steal her bank cards.

“The Bank cards have been cancelled and the police have been informed.”

Los Montesinos has recently installed CCTV in the town and enquiries are ongoing.

Los Montesinos Mayor Jose Manuel Butron, speaking to The Leader said: “Be careful. There are scammers about – and they take advantage of older people.”