There is no other sport on the planet that has received as much love, craze, and support from fans as football. The fans are devoted to players, national teams, and clubs with their hearts. Some clubs, however, are way ahead with fan support than others.

Here is a list of the most popular football clubs, with the reasons and aspects of their popularity. Social media followers are those on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok combined. And if you are one of them, then checking the latest football videos on Buaksib is the right way to track your team’s results.

Real Madrid

Only a few would say that Real Madrid is not the most successful club in football history. With 13 European titles, its glory lies in the key aspects of excellence, spirit, and experience. The Spanish club has about 253 million social media followers. Its home stadium has a capacity of 81,000. Along with Barcelona, its jerseys are most brought in the United States.


In tough competition with Real Madrid is Barca, with 251 million followers. Lionel Messi, whom fans lovingly call the GOAT, is one factor in the popularity of Barcelona. It is also the club to have the home stadium with the largest capacity of 99,000. It has been the 25-time winner of Copa del Rey, 21 times of La Liga, and four-time winner of the Champions League.

Manchester United

Though Manchester United is well behind Real Madrid and Barca in the number of social media followers at 145 million, they were once the undisputed biggest team in the sport. Who would have forgotten the fan protests in 2005 when Glazers got the ownership of the team? Fans have continued showing their devotion by protesting many unfortunate decisions of the Glazers. One of the factors in their success and popularity is the commitment to supporting young talent. As a result, they sign big deals, make dramatic comebacks, and boast the biggest stadium in the Premier League – Old Trafford.


Many believe that Cristiano Ronaldo is the prime cause of the popularity and 110 million social media followers of Juventus. The legend Ronaldo may be a great factor, but the Italian team has indeed struggled to where they are today. The Old Lady attracts the best players with its top-notch recruitment policy. The passion of Juve is getting it more followers than ever today.


Chelsea has always been one of the favourites of fans. Things, however, have turned around much since Thomas Tuchel became their coach. Fans loved how he made the team more stable and got the team organized. We know evidently what each player is meant to do. So it would not be wrong to say that they are at the optimum level of strength right now.


Liverpool has repeatedly featured Real, Barca, Man United, Juventus, and Chelsea among the teams selling most jerseys. The social media followers of this legendary club number about 94 million. The supporters who bond over the song “You’ll never walk alone” have an unsurpassable territory in their hearts for the team.

Besides the above giants, there are many other loved and supported clubs. They include Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Arsenal, and AC Milan. You can check the livescore and their performance here and if you can’t access this page, try using one of the free VPNs. The mass appeal of these teams, the amazing skills of their players, and committed management keep the supporter base attached and growing to the teams. As they say, football is as much about the fans as about the players.