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Percy Ramblings - The Sheep Dog
Percy Ramblings - The Sheep Dog

Percy’s Ramblings

There was a quote on social Media a little while ago where somebody was asking what people did  before television, and of course there was such a time. The answer by some wag was ‘families of eight or nine children.’ Does that mean people only fancy their partner when they are bored?

That time consuming edifice in beautiful, detailed colour in everyone’s homes owes its development to ‘John Logie Baird’ a Scottish inventor of the early nineteen hundred’s. One wonders if he had a vision of how his invention would develop, and would he feel guilty if he was capable of knowing that his amazing discovery produced an ‘Ann Boleyn’ which is nothing like that of history – why stop there and why not portray Admiral Nelson as a sheep dog.

Since the Second World War it has taught us the way of how other people live and helped in the progress of World events. Now on a day to day basis the machine, with its pictures dancing before our eyes, leads us into an unreal domain produced by authors and writers with strong imaginations or word power.

In the main, people are not interested in the truth, only what they feel comfortable with. That is why the box can  feed misleading images or words dressed up as honesty.

On a Sunday evening, and with delight, the instrument with its view of the outside domain produced the BAFTA Awards, (Home of British Film and Television Awards)  a programme where the people in the entertainment industry are voted for their individual performances.

However, it is not what it seems. Because it is the misuse of the word ‘vote’ giving the impression of people queuing at ballot boxes to cast their choice in the various categories. It is nothing like that. It is the industry deciding on itself what it wants you to see by approving in their own thoughts who won in different classifications, which gives the impression they are the programmes you should be following and that because they have been voted as winners, it is all above board .

Percy Ramblings - The Sheep Dog
Percy Ramblings – The Sheep Dog

In my opinion it is worse than that, it is a show supporting the political woke attitude,  otherwise why the diversity and the glorifying of the item that was on ‘Britain’s got Talent,’ which received tens of thousands of complaints against its content when on an evening of entertainment there was an enactment of the policeman kneeling on George Floyd’s neck and the BLM logo. Any form of politics should not be included in theatre or showbiz, it is misleading.

I think on  the whole we are all lovers of animals but beware if next door has a cat. There is the story of a moggy going into the adjoining property where it was fed some food, which must have been out of a tin.  The owner of the Animal was very upset when the creature came home with a cut on its paw.

The yarn explains that the injury came from the tin of food. The vet becomes involved and his bill is the sum of eight hundred pounds, which the pet owner has taken out a court order for the neighbour to pay. The moral of the story is ‘if you are feeding next doors cat don’t do it out of a tin with jagged sides.’

As we daily hear of immigrants crossing the English Channel  – it is a wonder that hasn’t been renamed as something to do with diversity – certainly it appears to be the way in without worrying about Covid 19 – sorry I’ll move on.

The problem the government has is that it has to abide by the rules, while the people smugglers – surely that is bordering on slavery – have no rules to govern them, just take the money and if someone ask then run.

It is so true mobs can run around burning and attacking the Police, calling it a peaceful protest and with little consequence. The law is too soft, in my mind, and leans too heavily on the rights of the ‘persons  who are creating mayhem’ with little concern for the people’s rights  who are affected. percy chattey – Percy books, all sixty of them can be found on Amazon and Kindle.