Ciudadanos will have to explain whether the party supports a demand for the resignation of the mayor of Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñana, due to his judicial situation after PSOE and Cambiemos submitted a joint motion to Thursday’s plenary session requesting the resignation of the mayor, who on Thursday will appear before the Orihuela courts to respond to charges of the embezzlement of public funds.

The mayor is accused of having allegedly received a public salary from the Ministry of Health as an advisor for five and a half years without having carried out the role.

“PSOE and Cambiemos are committed to a change, to the democratic and political cleansing of this City Council”, explained the socialist spokesperson Carolina Gracia. “This firmly puts the ball in the courts of those members who are still supporting Bascuñana”, said the spokesman for Cambiemos, Carlos Bernabé, referring to the leader of Cs, José Aix.

The motion from both opposition parties tries to seek a clearer position from Cs, a partner in the PP government, regarding the judicial situation of the Oriolano mayor.

“We understand that this motion is the prior and necessary condition to present a motion of censure, because if Cs do not support it implicitly it would show that Ciudadanos are not serious about demanding the resignation of the current mayor and, in so doing, refuse to assume any political responsibility”, said Bernabé.

In similar terms, Gracia demanded that the orange formation “take a step forward by supporting this motion, confirm the motion of censure and state loud and clear that they are willing to remove him from the Mayor’s office. ” In a town hall, the motion of censure cannot be registered if it does not have the prior signature of the majority of councillors.

PSOE and Cambiemos hope that the motion calling for the resignation of the Oriolano mayor will be supported by all political groups. “It is time to move from words and empty offers to deeds, and that is why we hope that Thursday will be the beginning of us achieving a political alternative,” said the socialist spokesperson.

Opposition groups insist that Bascuñana should have resigned by now. ” In 2018 we said that his political situation was unsustainable but now it is far worse, so it is urgent to remove him from the Mayor’s Office, where he has entrenched himself,” agreed Bernabé.

Leaders of Cambiemos and PSOE,  Carlos Bernabé and Carolina Gracia