More than 28% of drivers suffer from amaxophobia, that is, fear of driving.

This affects men and women almost equally, although men are more reluctant to acknowledge it publicly. The CEA Foundation launched a specific group therapy 8 years ago, through which more than 500 drivers have already passed, 80% of whom have overcome their fear and have returned to driving safely, controlling each of the effects they suffer when they look at the wheel.

There are many victims who, after suffering a traffic accident, experience anxiety, stress, irritability and other symptoms, prey to the fear that they have developed to drive. Driving becomes difficult and sometimes, even impossible, many people need to use the car daily for professional or private reasons and, despite suffering amaxophobia and its consequences, they continue to drive regularly, becoming their own factor and unrelated to road safety risk.

All these circumstances have been highlighted in a digital conference organized by the CEA Foundation. Maribel Muñoz, head of the organisation of the free specific therapies of Fundación CEA, recalls that these specific therapies can be performed thanks to the aid received from institutions, companies, organizations and individuals and without these donations or contributions it is impossible to continue helping victims of traffic accidents who want to resume driving and therefore their lives normally.

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Ignacio Calvo, an expert psychologist in amaxophobia, has made known the different symptoms suffered when one is afraid to drive and how to work on them from group therapy to control them while driving. Amaxophobia for a traffic accident victim is a post-traumatic stress disorder, accidents being one of the most obvious causes of the development of this problem.

Jaime González, director of the CEA School of Driving and an expert in students with amaxophobia, states that people with this driving panic should resume their driving normally for their own good and for the good of road safety. It is important that drivers feel safe when driving, only then can they face adverse situations and avoid accidents and incidents in general.