4,000 agents will secure 209 border crossings over Easter


The Ministry of the Interior has mobilized over 4,000 national police and civil guards to ensure compliance with the restrictions on mobility between communities during Easter Week, according to the Valencian Government.

Across the holiday period, about 209 controls are planned, many of which will be coordinated with neighbouring communities such as Murcia and Castilla-La Mancha.

In total, 1,531 Civil Guards and 2,440 National Police officers will operate in the province of Alicante, in addition to the many more Local Police officers that are mobilised by each municipal council. The purpose of these controls is so as to stop the arrival into the Alicante province of people from other communities.

Prior to the introduction of the controls, a complaint was filed on Thursday afternoon by the Alicante Local Police against a 78-year-old woman who crossed the border, travelling from Madrid to her second residence on the beach of San Juan.

It was a local resident who called the Emergency number 112 to alert the police of a person not complying with the anticovid legislation, having moved from Madrid to an apartment on Santander avenue on San Juan beach. The police identified the woman, verifying that she did not reside in the Valencian Community having moved from Madrid. The woman faces now a penalty of up to 600 euros.

The Government has said that the Security Forces will carry out traffic controls at the entrances to all tourist areas, both inland and on the coast, as well as at train, bus and airport stations.

Sources from the Provincial Police Station explained that selective identity checks would be carried out.

On Friday checks were carried out on buses and trains arriving from Madrid. The 7:00 p.m. AVE arrived crowded but its passengers were people living in the province, mostly students, who all had to go through a long queue while the agents identified them one by one.

The Alicante City Council has said that 718 Local Police officers will also patrol the beaches this Easter.

The Department of Security has said that the capacity on the beaches will be controlled and the beaches will be closed when they reach capacity.

The police also intend to use drones both to monitor the beaches and to look for illegal gatherings and parties.