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Julie’s Blog

Last week I was busy begging for donations for yet another fundraiser. This one however being close to my heart, as myself and my 2 younger sisters Sharon and Kelly took part in the Virtual Purple Run for Down Syndrome Ireland to show appreciation for our sister Maria who was born with Down Syndrome.

We decided to make the day a little different by choosing 4 local tourist attractions which to our blessing are all within 5km of our lockdown radius, Fethard Castle, Tintern Abbey, Duncannon Beach & the new walking trail in Arthurstown.

We also had a few tricks up our sleeves. We called in the help of some well known musicians and singers to perform along the way and we went live on Facebook through the fundraising page, just to give a bit of entertainment to our supporters. We roped in the local priest, the school principal and being from a musical family, we had to add a few members to the equation.

Highlight of the day had to be the finale from my sister Maria, who sang ‘Tomorrow’ from the musical Annie and sure she was only loving the spotlight.

The weather was stunning, the sun was shining down and the feeling of warmth was not only in the air but also in our hearts as people gave so generously. Especially at a time when people don’t have it to give. We finished with a total of €2,170 which is just overwhelming.

If you’d like to follow the day, you can see it all at ‘3 sister’s fundraiser for Down Syndrome Ireland’ on Facebook.

Since last week, a lot of memories are popping up of entertainers both local and around the world taking to social media with their live gigs and it’s crazy to think that some of us have being doing this for over a year now.

School Principal Domini Hearne Codd performing with her family at the historic Tintern Abbey.

My first ever ‘live’ was a year ago last week. I sat in my computer chair, swiveling away with a pair of joggers and a hoodie, looking like I was ready for a run, never mind a gig. Now sure, I may aswell be going on a first date with my ‘lives’. The lashes come out, the heels are high, the hair is even higher backcombed to the nines, you can’t see me with the copius amount of glitter that I throw on.

I order a new dress every now and again (ahem) so the local delivery man is sick of seeing me.

Venues are still closed here so there is no work for me. My ‘live gigs’ on Facebook are my absolute saving grace. I look forward to them so much and mentally they are great not just for my mind, but they really are a total lifeline to a lot of people struggling at the moment.

I feel so gracious by the amount of support that I get, and I have made so many new friends that I have yet to meet in real life but I do believe that those days will come.

Find it all at the ‘Live Lounge Costa Blanca’ on Facebook.