By Andrew Atkinson

Honesty is a virtue for Los Montesinos resident James Taylor who has returned €100 left in a ATM at Banco Sabadell in the Vega Baja town.

“I went to the cash machine at the Banco Sabadell in Montesinos. As I was about to insert my card I noticed money in the dispenser,” James told the Leader.

“I tried to hand it in to the Bank, but as it was after 2pm they wouldn’t open the door,” said James, who has been praised by the local community for his honest deed.

James, who returned to the bank to hand in the money, said: “I returned to Banco Sabadell the following morning and handed the money to the teller (cashier).

“He told me he knew the Spanish lady who had left the money – and that she would be very pleased for its return.”

Following James’s honest good deed, a plethora of messages from people have been forthcoming. Sue Smith said: “That’s great to hear. Well done James for your honesty, there’s not many like you around.”

Norma Cleeve applauded James, saying: “Great honesty – well done to you James.”

And Barbara Blake said: “So pleased. Nobody wants to lose money. I bet she is glad you were honest.”

Caption: James Taylor: praised for his honesty after finding €100 left in ATM at Banco Sabadell.