‘World Rivers Day’ was commemorated on Sunday March 14, by the Diagrama Foundation, in collaboration with the Orihuela City Council’s Department of the Environment, where together, they spent much of the weekend, removing plastics along the banks of the Segura River between the urban area and the district of Molins.

The measures were part of an environmental volunteer project aimed at unprotected minors or those who are at risk of social exclusion and, in this particular case, at the members of the Orihuela Shelter.

The objectives are the promotion of conservation awareness and respect for the environment, developing pro-environmental behaviour amongst those who take part, ensuring that the participants are made aware of the main environmental problems that affect the area and their immediate surroundings. Also to train young people to acquire desirable values ​​in society and provide children with positive skills and attitudes towards occupational tasks.

The councillor of the Environment, Dámaso Aparicio, highlighted the importance “of the two great tasks that he carries out: the cleaning of this area of ​​the river, and perhaps the most important, encouraging young people in the spirit of caring for the environment.

In total the volunteers removed around 500 kilos of plastic.