Mojácar Council has commenced works on the pavements along the entire beach front road, in order to ensure there are the appropriate, safe adaptations for people with reduced mobility.

The project is part of Almería Provincial Council’s ‘Plan Acelera’ which has been launched to assist municipalities with road infrastructure developments.  Mojácar, with the financial aid of 40,000 Euros, has now started the works to improve accessibility and remove any architectural barriers as well as improve road safety in general, which will bring the road and pavements to an optimum condition for everyone to use and enjoy. It is anticipated that the works could be completed by next month.

Mojácar Council, with the support of ‘Plan Almería,’ has been able to carry out a series of works throughout the town, such as repairs and alterations to streets in the old town and La Mata sports courts, as well as around the Parque Comercial and the Nursery School.  These projects, amongst others, have all benefitted from the Provincial Council’s ‘Programa Coopera, Cerca y Acelera.’

An added bonus to these improvements in the town is one for local employment, as ‘Plan Almería’ encourages the hiring of self-employed workers and micro-businesses, so that this public investment makes a positive impact on employment.