The speed of the agents ensured that a frightening situation had a happy ending.

Heroic action by Local Police officers from Pilar de la Horadada saved the life of a one year old baby on Wednesday.

Following a 112 call from the mother, he police were first on the scene to find that the baby had purple skin and was not breathing after apparently choking.

They placed the baby face down on the knee of one of the officers and began to gently beat her on the back, while simultaneously pressing her stomach. After a few agonizing minutes they managed to get the little girl to respond as she slightly moved her arms and legs.

The officers worked on the baby until the arrival of paramedics, who were then able to continue the baby’s resuscitation.

One of the officers said that he was delighted that his first aid training, and knowledge of resuscitation manoeuvres, was able to save a young child’s life.