The mayor of San Miguel de Salinas, Juan de Dios Fresneda, announced on Friday that one of the challenges his council faces this year is to establish a 24-hour Local Police service in the town.

Currently the workforce is so undermanned in the municipality that it cannot even provide the service throughout the day, and there are times, especially at night, when San Miguel security relies exclusively on the Civil Guard.

He acknowledges that neighbourhood groups and opposition parties have been the situation for months.

The mayor has, therefore, promised to increase the number of staff this year so as to allow a 24-hour service by the Local Police.

The announcement was made on the same day that the new chief officer of the Local Police, Pedro José Ferrer Mora, took office. Mora takes over from César Clemente at the head of the police force. The appointment took place in the mayoral office in the presence of the mayor, Juan de Dios Fresneda Arquero (PSOE) and councillors.

After taking office, the new Chief of Police, expressed delight at his appointment, emphasising that the level of commitment acquired with this job is very high.

The mayor called for “especial efforts to guarantee the safety of the general public, saying that “in 2021 there are new challenges for the Local Police, among which will be the 24-hour service and the expansion of the workforce that are planned.”

The note sent to the media does not clarify how many agents are under the command of the new Chiefr, although the opposition figures say that the staff numbers only 8 policemen.

Police reinforcement has been one of the main demands of the residents of San Miguel de Salinas (with more than six thousand residents) for years.