Pedro Sánchez has been accused of taking another step toward handing over Gibraltar, not so much to the UK as to the British colony itself, with both the Brexit agreement and the resignation of Spain to fight for the Rock.

Gibraltar’s Chief Minister, Fabián Picardo, has publicly thanked the PM for a new climate of understanding with the Government of Spain saying that he is happy with the treatment of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias.

It is said that Spain has completely wasted any negotiating tool that they had during the Brexit negotiation to claim the co-sovereignty of the Rock.

The previous Government of Mariano Rajoy, in the time of José Manuel García Margallo at the Foreign Office, said there was a possibility of vetoing the Brexit agreement for Spain in the event that any agreement surrounding Gibraltar did not respect national requirements.

Now it is felt that the Sánchez Government has definitely renounced that power and it will not be easy for it to once again have such a good opportunity to claim co-sovereignty from the United Kingdom with such clear and obvious strength.

The damage done by Pedro Sánchez remains to be seen, but every dispute with the Rock from now on will be a bilateral issue between Spain and the United Kingdom, or perhaps between Spain and Gibraltar, if the United Kingdom decides to marginalize Spain, forcing it to deal directly with Picardo.