The UK National Lottery is drawn at around 20:00 every Wednesday and Saturday and the UK National Lottery Results and Winning Numbers are made available online shortly after that time.

The jackpot for thi week’s draw is an estimated £3.8 million.

The lottery results, winning numbers, and prize breakdown for the latest UK National Lotto draw are available on the days of the draw from around 20:15 (GMT) / 21:15 (CET).

UK Lotto Results
Saturday 04 February 2023

UK Lotto Draw Prize Breakdown

National Lotto Draw No. 2606

Jackpot: £3,800,000
Machine Used: Guinevere
Ball Set Used: 6

CategoryPrize per WinnerWinnersPrize Fund Total
Match 6£3,800,0001£3,800,000
Match 5 plus Bonus£1,000,0001£1,000,000
Match 5£1,75041£71,750
Match 4£1403,128£437,920
Match 3£3076,749£2,302,470
Match 2Free Lotto Lucky Dip810,463£1,620,926

Five main numbers and the bonus ball are enough to win a £1m prize. Six main numbers are needed to scoop the jackpot.