Mojácar Council will inaugurate their Christmas decorations on Saturday, December 5th, which will then fill the Mojaquera nights with light and excitement throughout the holidays.

Over the last few years, the lightbulbs have been replaced by energy efficient LED types that represent great savings. 4,000 bulbs were renewed last Christmas and, this year the remaining old ones will be replaced also.

More than three hundred themed Christmas motifs will hang from the town’s street lamps and the eleven roundabouts will receive their own decorations, along with 10 welcoming arches of lights at the start of the old town.

Also, there will be new lighting to Calle Aire, with a sky of Christmas stars by the elevator exit. Christmas trees will be placed in the Plaza del fronton, next to the traditional nativity scene, as well as at La Fuente and the Parque Comercial, which will be accompanied by a huge Santa Claus aside a mailbox for the children’s letters.

Raquel Belmonte, local Councillor for Festivities, stressed that even though the health and economic crisis will make for a quite different Christmas in the town, the Council is still determined to put on a great show with its festive decorations.  She added, “The coronavirus cancelled Easter, the Moors and Christians Fiesta and left us without our summer Feria, but we could not allow Mojácar to miss out on some Christmas magic and the chance to see the children’s excitement when the streets are full of colour.”

This year’s Christmas lighting will be spread throughout practically the whole municipality, bringing a festive touch to outlying parts of the town such as Alparatas, Cuartillas and Sopalmo.

Although due to health regulations the Three Wise Men from the East will not be able to make it for their traditional Three Kings Parade, Mojácar’s children will still receive their annual gift from them.  Santa Claus will be stepping in to visit the nursery and school to personally deliver to the classrooms the presents that the Council requests from their Majesties every year for the town’s little ones.