Dash cameras are known for being standard on every police car in the country, and some civilian dash cameras have been responsible for viral videos. But they are not yet common for many drivers in the United States.

There are many benefits to outfitting your Honda with a dash camera. Installing a dash camera can help you save money on insurance and protect you in the event of an accident, particularly if it wasn’t your fault.  

A Dash Camera Can Lower Your Insurance

Some insurance companies will give customers a discount on premiums if they have a dash camera. There are models of dash cameras that are motion activated. This can serve as a deterrent to car theft or break-ins since there would be a record of the incident on camera. Additionally, a dash camera lets you watch footage of your own driving, which can help you to become aware of your bad habits.

If you watch the dash camera video and notice that your car drifts into the next lane when you’re doing something like scanning the radio, you can be more aware of it and fix the habit. 

For people who want to monitor their kids, having a dash camera in the car is a must-have accessory, as you can help them correct their mistakes. Helping teens be aware while they are driving can keep your insurance from going up due to an accident. 

Proof in The Event of an Accident

The human mind is amazing but flawed. Between adrenaline and varying perspectives, people’s memories of an accident are not always accurate. When you’ve been in an accident that isn’t your fault, it’s not always easy to prove. Recreating an accident scene is costly and time-consuming.

If you were in a minor fender bender, that isn’t always a good option. With a dash camera, you can simply look at the footage to determine what happened and who is at fault. This is excellent potential protection against insurance fraud as well. Whether you decide to take your case to court or simply need documentation to file a claim with the insurance company, having a dash camera helps you make your case.  

Dash cameras can also help you if you are wrongfully accused of violating a traffic law. You have a visual record to prove your innocence. In many cases, you can show the video to the officer who has pulled you over, or you can use the footage to fight the ticket in court. 

Easily Diagnose Repairs

A common frustration during car repairs is it can be difficult to duplicate a sound or a motion in the garage. If you say your car was squeaking, but then get it to the mechanic and it seems fine, it can lead to costly diagnostic tests and failure to fix the problem. If the problem is audible on the video, having the dash camera footage can be useful. Then you are spared the task of trying to replicate what was wrong with the car, and the mechanic might have a better idea of where to start the diagnostics.

Searching for “honda care extended cost 2018“? For these older cars, it helps to have an extended warranty or mechanical breakdown insurance offered by olive. Having the dash-cam footage available can help to determine if your mechanical problems are covered by the extended warranty. 

Protect Yourself from Bad Drivers

When you’re dealing with a road rage incident, potentially impaired drivers, people who are texting and drifting, or people who are trying to hit you to commit insurance fraud, it’s usually a you-versus-them situation. Without reliable witnesses, it is nearly impossible to prove what may have happened on the road.

With a dash camera, you can simply watch the video or show it to the police if criminal charges need to be filed. Many situations could arise on the road in which a dashboard camera would be handy.

Whether you were involved in a road rage incident that caused you to hit someone else, or someone was driving so erratically, they were putting other people in danger, having the footage from your dash camera can help protect you and other drivers. 

In many countries, dashboard cameras are commonplace. In the United States, they are mostly thought of as being part of commercial vehicles such as cabs and ride-shares or part of police cars. However, a dash camera is a worthy investment for average citizens. They are an excellent tool to help keep you safe on the road.