The presentation for the new wastewater treatment plant, which will also serve Bédar, Los Gallardos and Turre, recently took place in Mojácar, chaired by Carmen Crespo Díaz, the Junta de Andalucía’s Minister for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development.

Others attending the presentation in Mojácar Council’s Plenary Hall were; the Mayor, Rosmari Cano, along with her Government Team, the Junta’s Delegate, Isabel Sánchez Torregrosa, Almería’s Territorial Delegate for Agriculture, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Aranzazu Martin Moya, and the General Director for Water Infrastructures, Segio Arjona. Also present were the Mayors and municipal representatives from the other towns involved.

Rosmari Cano described the day as an historic event for Mojácar, as this project has been lobbied for over the last 13 years. She also paid thanks to the Andalucían Government for now making this project, which will be put out to tender in October, possible.

Carmen Crespo went on to congratulate the Region for bringing this plan closer to a reality, one which she regards as excellent both from an environmental point of view and, for future development.  23 million Euros will also be invested from the “Andalucia en Marcha ” scheme, which is one of the largest investments in our Region and the second most important in  the Province of Almería.

She also highlighted the Regional Government’s drive to improve purification treatments throughout the Autonomous Community, especially in Almería, with a vision for the future incorporating cutting-edge technology. To conclude the presentation, the Minister then signed the Mojácar Council’s Book of Honour.

The new plant will be built at the same location as the current one, although it will benefit from the most advanced systems designed to treat 25,000 cubic meters per day for a growing population of up to 54,000.  Construction is estimated to take 18 months, followed by an additional 6 month start up period.


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