By Andrew Atkinson

Royal Caribbean cruises’ passengers with sailings scheduled for later this year are allowed to check-in later than usual, amid the coronavirus situation offered by the cruiseline.

Departures from Barcelona sailing the Mediterranean sea has been one of the cruiseliner’s jewels in the crowns, with their website saying: “Nothing beats the convenience of cruising from Barcelona.”

A number of sailings for November and December 2020 are showing cruise check-in times, as late as 5.30pm.

Prior to Royal Caribbean suspending its sailings in March, following the COVID-19 pandemic, the latest check-in time for most sailings was early afternoon, typically departure being mid, to late afternoon.

There has been speculation that one of the new procedures Royal Caribbean may adopt, in order to foster social distancing during the check-in process is to spread guests out, with more check-in times.

In the weeks prior to cruises being shutdown Royal Caribbean was thoroughly sanitizing the cruise ship terminal, before all departure sailings, along with special sanitation of high-traffic areas onboard the ship.

Due to the additional cleaning undertaken, it may require cruise ships to push back their departure times in order to accommodate all of these changes amongst coronavirus protocols.

Royal Caribbean has only hinted at a limited number of possible changes that it will embrace, once cruises resume at a time when the cruise line is still developing its full set of policies and procedures, which will be announced in late September.

Check-in times for Mariner of The Seas as late as 5.30pm.


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