By Andrew Atkinson Exclusive

Los Montesinos based musician Peter Taylor is still awaiting his Blue Peter badge – 50 years after former Blue Peter presenter John Noakes walked out on him during a gig!

“I’ve been in the music industry for a long time,” Peter told The Leader.

“The one gig that sticks in my mind is when I was working in a big hotel in the seventies when John Noakes walked in and settled down at a table,” said Peter.

“Four songs into the gig, the stage – which had been knocked-up with wooden boards – gave way and I nearly fell through a gap!,” said Peter.

“I quipped ‘I think I deserve a Blue Peter badge’ – mimicking John Noakes’ voice for staying on my feet.

“But, John Noakes didn’t see the funny side of it – and walked out!,” said Peter.

John Noakes: BBC Blue Peter presenter with Shep.
John Noakes: BBC Blue Peter presenter with Shep.

Born in Edinburgh, Peter said: “I loved it as a lad, exciting times, and going to the Palies de Dance on Friday nights. Mad times – a ‘jolly up’ “.

Peter, who left Edinburgh and headed for London, aged 20, in 1964, said: “I served my time as an apprentice electrician and needed to do something else.

“I worked as a salesman selling photocopying machines for seven years and became the National sales manager.

“I changed my life again, when I turned to music and started to play the guitar, and began writing songs, aged 28.

“In the seventies I worked alongside Tin Pan Alley and took songs to publishers, having bought sheet music.

“I was contracted by EMI to do a song for Liverpool Football Club, at a time when there were no legalities to do such, with no permission needed from the club.

“The song was recorded and released and sold reasonably well.

“I then went into management with XS, a band from Glasgow. I managed to get them a slot at Chrysalis in Oxford Street, to do recordings in the studio.

“I was working on the production side and we recorded some wonderful songs.”

Peter then moved to Oxford, having gone solo: “I recall a gig where songs were performed for the ‘Cocktails’ set, and the punters were flowing in, with the ‘upper-crust’ drinkers.

“It all changed when some locals turned up – and they wanted heavy metal to be played, which I obliged.

“I was pulled to one side by the manager at the end of the night and told I’d never play there again – as I nearly caused a riot!,” laughed Peter.

It was while he was in a bar in Oxford that he met a Spaniard from Murcia who was at the University learning English and asked him to play ‘Hello Mary Lou’, while serving scones and tea.

“We became pals. I did a live gig with Pedro de Cie Abarca at the La Puerto Falsa. Pedro’s family are lawyers and 200 family and friends attended. I was applauded on to the stage, which was a good feeling,” said Peter.

Noakes and his wife Vicky moved to Andratx, Majorca in 1982. Noakes who suffered Alzheimer’s died in 2017 in Palma, aged 83.

Half of his ashes were scattered at a playing field of his former school in Rishworth and half scattered in Majorca.