By Andrew Atkinson

Torrevieja hospital has received a €600,000 CT scanner that will be used for coronary studies as well as helping to determine the composition of kidney stones.

This state-of-the-art equipment incorporates a camera system that allows patients to focus automatically, minimizing personal contact.

It will allow the Services portfolio to be increased by conducting coronary artery studies. It incorporates a “dual energy” that allows better description of the tissues

The scanner, valued at more than 600,000 euros, is far more advanced than that currently in service and will provide much greater benefits than the previous one, which making it possible to obtain images and studies with a much lower dose of radiation for the patient, to carry out coronary studies and to determine the composition of kidney stones.

Torrevieja hospital takes delivery of €600,000 CT scanner

This acquisition has artificial intelligence systems that allow faster and more reproducible analyses. In addition, the software for the different clinical applications makes it possible to obtain endoscopic views, perfusion studies and image-guided intervention.