The municipality of Pilar de la Horadada has reclassified a large part of Lo Monte Playa, an area of 280,000 m2, as land suitable for building, a move that Ecologists dismiss as “nonsense” warning that it is situated in area affected by the risk of flooding and coastal protection

From March to date, the council has made three modifications to its urban plan, all of which are available for public scrutiny on their website. The most important is a reclassification of undeveloped to developable land: the modification of the Lo Monte Playa, an area of 280,000 square meters with the capacity to build 1,086 homes with an estimate of 2,716 new residents.

The land is located between the N-332 road and the already urbanised areas around the Seco river and Mil Palmeras, next to the sea. The royal gorge of the Coast crosses the sector in its interior, almost parallel to the National-332.

Friends of Sierra Escalona have described the decision of the council as “a nonsense” that seeks to “continue to fill the coastline with concrete”. The period for objections ends on August 21.

Sergio Correas
Sergio Correas

The urban planning lawyer who represents the interests of the company that has registered the proposed modification of the plan is Sergio Correas, the leader of the PP at the San Miguel de Salinas Council, deputy mayor and head of the Urban Planning in that municipality between 2007 and 2019.

Another of the actions being carried out by the Pilar council is a modification of the building in the partial plan of the Golf Residencia «Lo Romero» hotel sector. The City Council is processing the request to allocate a 2,000 metre plot to the future clubhouse, as it initially appeared in the partial plan.