• Spain’s leading entertainer Stevie Spit BEM and comedian Jimmy Cricket speak about friend Willie Thorne who passed away on June 17 in Torrevieja hospital

Spain’s leading artiste and entertainer Stevie Spit BEM and comedian Jimmy Cricket have spoken about friend Willie Thorne, 66, who passed away on June 17 in Torrevieja hospital.

“Willie Thorne was a man that rarely said ‘no’. If he could help with charities he would always do so, along with his friends,” Stevie (Brian Thomas McLeod) told me.

“Willie and I worked on a good few projects over the years. At the time of him falling ill, and before COVID-19 lockdown,” said Stevie.

“We were planning a snooker tournament, to raise funds for Tasha Lynch,” revealed Stevie.

“I hosted a show at Evolution in La Fuente a few years ago, for AECC Cancer, and I got to interview Willie Thorne and John Virgo for Viva TV.

“It was an hilarious afternoon, full of fun. Willie loved a good laugh – and was a regular on my shows,” said Stevie.

“Willie brought Bobby Davro to see me at YOLO in Cabo Roig,” added Stevie, who dined with Willie in February.

Stevie and Eileen Gleave, May and Jimmy Cricket with Willie.
Stevie and Eileen Gleave, May and Jimmy Cricket with Willie.

“We all had a night off together and went for dinner at Mumbai Blue. Willie Thorne, myself Eileen Gleave, May and Jimmy Cricket.

“Willie wasn’t feeling great. He said he had been to the hospital and thought he had a problem with his kidneys and possibly a water infection.

“Despite this he was great company and full of  funny stories. The banter between Willie, Jimmy and  myself will be a memory I’ll treasure for ever.

“Willie then wilted quite quickly that night, and went off home. Within a very short time he was diagnosed with leukaemia,” said Stevie.

“Sadly, I realised that night was the beginning of his awful battle.  Willie Thorne was an absolute ‘Old School’ gentleman. Warm and kind hearted, who will be sorely missed by me and all who knew him. Condolences to his wife Jill and his family,” said Stevie.

Comedian Jimmy Cricket, who met Willie briefly back in the eighties, said: “It was when I and my wife May went over to Spain in March this year to work with the compère, singer, and comic Stevie Spit, a great mutual friend, and Eileen Gleave, that I had the opportunity to get to know him better.

“We had the great pleasure of being in his company twice, the first time when we went out for dinner together, and he regaled us with his stories and anecdotes about his time as a snooker player,” Jimmy told me.

“The next night was when he came out to see our live show. When I introduced him from the stage, the audience gave him a warm burst of cheers and applause!

“Afterwards he shook hands with everyone – smiled and joked – in that inimitable style of his,” said Jimmy.

“Willie was a great character, who will be sadly missed. Our condolences go to his family at this sad time,” said Jimmy.



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