The Ministry of Health has reported this Monday on 56 deaths with covid-19 in the last seven days, leaving the total at 27,136, the same number as that reported on Sunday.

Of the 56 deceased, five are located in Asturias, two in Cantabria, six in Castilla y León, five in Catalonia, two in Extremadura, two in Galicia, 31 in Madrid and three in La Rioja.

In addition, there have been 48 new positives, for a total of 241,717 since the start of the pandemic, while yesterday there were 102 infections. In the past 14 days, 932 people have started symptoms of covid-19,247 in the past week.

The 48 new confirmed are located in Andalusia (one), Aragon (four), Asturias (two), the Canary Islands (one), Cantabria (two), Castilla y León (five), Catalonia (six), Valencian Community (nine), Galicia (one), Madrid (8), Navarra (6), the Basque Country (two) and La Rioja (one).

There have been 145 new hospitalisations in the last week (124,348 in total): 17 in Andalusia, eleven in Aragon, two in Asturias, one in the Balearic Islands, four in the Canary Islands, four in Cantabria, 15 in Castilla-La Mancha, 18 in Castilla and León, 19 in Catalonia, one in Ceuta, nine in the Valencian Community, one in Extremadura, three in Galicia, 34 in Madrid, one in Murcia, two in Navarra, one in the Basque Country and two in La Rioja.

There have also been reports of 14 new admissions to Intensive Care Units (ICU) in the last seven days, bringing the total to 11,611: one in Aragon, one in Cantabria, four in Castilla-La Mancha, one in Castilla y León, two in Catalonia, four in Madrid and one in Navarra.

Figures for Valencia and Alicante to follow…..