• “We have looked the other way, but thank God that has changed,” announced Bishop José Manuel

The Diocese of Cartagena intends to investigate the sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable people that has been committed within the Catholic Church between 1950 and 2010.

To do this, a special episcopal delegation has been created, detail of which were announced on Thursday by the bishop of Cartagena, José Manuel Lorca Planes, and his episcopal delegate, Gil José Sáez Martínez.

“I have warned all priests of the importance of this investigation,” stressed the Bishop, “and that anyone standing in the way of possible victims will be committing a truly criminal act .”

Sáez Martínez said that the new delegation has already attended eight alleged victims adding that that they will receive comprehensive care. “The problem is that we are attending to the victims, but only on the legal level. This is a situation that also needs psychological and spiritual support.”

The new episcopal delegate explained that the investigation of possible cases registered in the Region, in those six decades “requires time and investigation.

Sáez Martínez said that, with the pontificate of Benedict XVI, the church has begun a change of direction that still continues. “We have had a century of looking the other way, but that thank God has now changed,” he concluded.