• Nationals there are encouraging reductions in both the number of new cases and in deaths
  • In the last 24 hours in the Community, 171 new cases, 16 deaths and 421 discharges have been detected.

The Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, has confirmed this Friday morning a that during the last 24 hours the Valencian Community has recorded a further 171 new cases of coronavirus, 16 deaths and 421 discharges.

The data on discharges is particularly encouraging now taking the figure to 5,809 people who have been cured of the total of 10,906 cases registered since the outbreak began.

The Minister said that these discharges represent 53.3% of total cases, that is, more than half of those infected have now been cured in the Community.

Barceló explained that there are currently 3,949 cases active, 36.2% of the total. The total number of deaths since the pandemic broke out is 1,148, 16 of them in the last 24 hours of which 12 were in nursing homes.

According to the latest data update, of the 171 new cases of covid-19, 50 of them have been medical staff, 34 from nursing home residents and 23 from workers in these homes.

By province, of the new cases, 100 have been in Valencia, 48 in Alicante and 23 in Castellón.

Relief in Valencian hospitals

Other good news is the reduction in the use of hospital beds, since there are 71 less than yesterday and 9 fewer in critical units. The consellera confirms that there are currently 847 people admitted in Valencian hospitals: 539 are in the province of Valencia, 82 in the ICU; in the province of Alicante there are 209 admitted and 69 in the ICU; Castellón, there are 91 people admitted and 19 of them in the ICU.

Of the 16 deaths registered since yesterday, 9 have been in Valencia, 4 in Castellón and 3 in Alicante. In addition, in the last hours 50 health professionals have tested positive for covid-19 and another 49 have been discharged.

Cases detected in three more nursing homes

Nursing homes are still the hardest hit and in the last 24 hours there have been 34 new infections among the elderly of these homes as well as 23 cases among workers. Right now there are cases in 96 residences, three more than yesterday.

The Ministry of Health currently has 33 nursing homes under its direct control given the seriousness of their situations: 15 in Valencia, 9 in Castellón and 9 in Valencia.

The Minister also stated that more than 114,500 tests have been carried out in the Valencian Community since the pandemic broke out of which there have been 18,098 rapid tests and 96,406 PCR tests.

Figures across Spain

  • Encouraging reductions in both the number of new cases and in deaths

The Ministry of Health said that across Spain there is now a total 202,990 of positive cases, with 2,796 recorded more than yesterday.

For the first time, the number of people cured is higher than the daily increase in cases with 3,105 new discharges. There are now 92,355 patients who have recovered from covid-19, which out of the total number of infections represents 45% .

With 367 new deaths, the total number of deaths since the pandemic began amounts to 22,524.