The Orihuela Local Police have produced two children’s activity books, with games and activities to combine learning with fun.

The books are aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 10 and consist of a collection of educational activities, hobbies and information about COVID19.

“The purpose of these two notebooks, “Congratulations, you are a Mini-Agent” and “Happy Birthday”, is intended to make the confinement easier for boys and girls, and to allow them to get to know the Orihuela Local Police a little more,” said Ramón López, councillor for Citizen Security and Education.

Local Police officer Rubén Selma said that “the books are available through the municipal website so that they can either be downloaded or printed, or they can be read online.”

This books can be found at:

These two activity books are based on an idea from the Santa Pola Local Police which has now also been used by a number of police forces in other locations.

In addition to the two booklets the Orihuela Local Police are also inviting boys and girls to send photos of their work from the books by email to: or through the local police social networks.