• The worldwide iGaming industry continues to create jobs on the Spanish mainland and in Ibiza.

Unprecedented revenue growths announced by companies within the iGaming industry have given rise to an increasing number of jobs in Ibiza and Gibraltar neighbouring Cadiz. Ibiza and Cadiz are home to thousands of employees within the iGaming sector, a sector which generates billions in revenue per year.

iGaming companies within the EU alone are expected to generate €29.3bn in revenues by 2022. By comparison, EU iGaming revenues in 2018 amounted to €22.2bn.

Internet gaming, which is largely responsible for the iGaming jobs created in Cadiz and Ibiza, accounts for around 25% of the total gambling revenue. The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) regards sports betting as the most popular form of online gambling (42.5%) with online casino games coming second (32.4%).

Due to an increased number of governments enforced regulations that have been implemented on casino gaming, sports betting has become the most profitable within the sector.

“Gibraltar and Ibiza continue to be two of the biggest iGaming hubs in the world” states George Owen from the casino comparison website, Megaways Casino.

“It goes without saying that a strong iGaming industry is able to provide many jobs,” Owen says. “The economies of Cadiz and Ibiza have both been enhanced through iGaming as have other places.

“The Maltese economy owes iGaming almost everything since the companies began to move there a decade or so ago.”

Gibraltar is second only to Malta as the iGaming capital of Europe. There are many iGaming companies that have set up and continue to operate on the Island of Gibraltar. Companies based in Gibraltar include, 888, Playtech and Bwin.

Spanish workers working in Gibraltar often travel from the Spanish mainland to the small British territory. The Cadiz region is heavily reliant on the iGaming industry in Gibraltar for jobs. There are also many English workers who live in Cadiz in order to work in Gibraltar.