A group of Mojácar residents have come up with the idea of making protective health masks due to the massive demand and shortage of this vital item due to the Covid-19 virus.

At the moment there are ten seamstresses who are utilizing their skills to carry out this task in their homes, although the volunteers are increasing every day.  In a short time they have produced more than 1,000 masks, although they expect this to exceed 4,000 by the end of week.

The masks are being given to the Council to then distribute to those who are working with a risk of exposure, such as staff at the Medical Centre, the Civil Protection and the Local Police, as well any others in need. The Council is also providing these volunteers with the appropriate materials to help them continue with their initiative.

The lack of masks to buy in pharmacies prompted the women to put their efforts into ensuring the safety of their fellow townspeople, many of which who are potentially at risk whilst carrying out their vital work in protecting everyone and ensuring important basic services run.

These proactive women, who are determined to keep up their production for as long as necessary to alleviate the difficulty of finding masks, deserve a very big round of applause.



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