By Andrew Atkinson EXCLUSIVE

A prison sentence has been handed down to a person who has disobeyed the Spanish Government strict instructions to ‘stay at home’ in a bid against passing on the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Ministry of Interior Fernando Grande-Marlaska sentenced the unnamed person to a four-month sentence at a court hearing in Santa Cruz, Tenerife.

Speaking to me from Tenerife on Wednesday (March 25) David Webster said: “The first prison sentence in Spain has been imposed for disobeying the State of Emergency lockdown.

“The Ministro del Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has confirmed a four-month sentence has been given for desobediencia.

“The prison sentence was handed down by the Courts in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.”

British born David, an expat who has lived in Tenerife for decades, said: “When the Government and Regional authorities throughout Spain say ‘stay at home’, remain indoors, they mean it.”

The latest coronavirus situation announced by Sanidad (March 24) increased to 557 cases, up 76 from the previous day, which increased by 67.

Of these, 207 have been hospitalised and 36 required ICU beds. Eight have recovered, but sadly 16 have died.

Those that have passed have been elderly and/or with underlying health conditions. “Tenerife remains the worst affected island by some distance,” David told me.

Coronavirus cases have now reportedly risen from 293 to 338. Other islands have been less affected. Gran Canaria has 158 cases; La Palma, 24; Fuerteventura, 18; Lanzarote, 13; La Gomera, 3; and El Hierro, 3 cases.

The coronavirus situation in the UK has eventually lead to PM Boris Johnson placing the country in lockdown: “The UK, in my opinion, are far too soft.

“I have a feeling that Spain will come out of this situation. Cases will climb – but the lockdown, I think, will work. Britain is dragging its feet,” said grandparent David.




David Webster: Spain will come out of COVID-19. Britain dragging its feet.