Mercadona will adopt new security measures starting this Monday, among which are the installation of perspex screens for the protection and separation of it’s staff, as well as the mandatory use of gloves by customers, similar to those used in the fruit and vegetable section, and which will be handed out at the entrances.

The announcement was made by the supermarket chain in a statement, in which it stressed that these measures are taken with the aim of “reinforcing health and safety measures for customers and workers starting on Monday, March 23. The installation of the partitions will take place progressively during this coming week.

The supermarket chain has already introduced a number of measures as a result of the health alert for the Covid-19. Among them, it has reduced opening hours from 9.00 to 19.00, as well as the installation of disinfectant gel and paper so that users can clean the handle of trollies before using them.

Among the recommendations are: Only one person to make the purchase (no family groups or children), and people who are in any of the risk groups should not go to the stores, especially people with chronic diseases but the elderly, people with disabilities, people with reduced mobility, pregnant women, and their companions will have “priority” to make their purchases.

They also recommend spacing visits to stores throughout the day and not at opening times, which they say will enable them to better serve their customers. They also ask that purchases are made with speed and people not to stockpile products: the supply of basic necessities is more than guaranteed. They also ask that people pay preferably by card and avoid the use of cash.


Likewise, the number of people using supermarkets will be controlled as will be the minimum required distance between people. The responsibility for regulating numbers of people using the store will be the responsibility of the establishment.

Each establishment will specify its maximum capacity that allows the preventive distance of 1 metre between customers.

On the public access road to each supermarket, a minimum distance of 1 metre will be marked for those people waiting their turn to enter the supermarkets, which must be respected.

Inside the stores, the minimum distance of one metre between clients will be guaranteed with assistance from the establishment’s staff, and with the support of posters reinforcing these measures, as will be the limits of 1 metre at fish and meat counters as well as at the tills.

Mercadona will install screens in the boxes and make the use of gloves mandatory, which will be distributed at the entrance


The stores will remain well stocked, reinforcing and guaranteeing the supply of basic food and basic necessities, so that clients can make their daily purchases. In order to protect food safety, under no circumstances will product returns be accepted.

Likewise, Mercadona has adopted internal measures to reinforce the health and safety of its workers, among which are the introduction of additional hygiene and prevention measures, and the adoption of specific criteria regarding health.

Likewise, the daily disinfection and cleaning processes of facilities has been reinforced with external services. Disinfectant gel and paper has also been installed in each supermarket so that customers can clean the handle of the trollies prior to use.

“Right now, and in accordance with the exceptional situation we are all in, Mercadona is adopting these exceptional measures to face and help to control this crisis. We ask our clients for the maximum collaboration in complying with these measures.