A group of about twenty doctors from the Miguel Hernández University have signed a letter demanding that more confinement measures be taken, with the aim of slowing down the advance of the virus.

Get people off the street and into their homes. Those in face-to-face work should only be in companies that are strictly necessary for crisis management, “the statement said.

If the non-essential companies do not close now, it continues, “they will close anyway in two or three weeks, but by that time most of their workforce will be infected. Thus we will not be able to reduce the viral load that is currently present in our population.

In the letter they also demand protection material for hospitals. “Bring in the necessary equipment and material, send military aircraft anywhere that they can procure such material, and make sure that it arrives soon.”

These doctors also ask the authorities for measures to limit contagion among health personnel, such as separating staff so that they do not all work at the same time. Also that critical beds are available in operating rooms or that there is urgent instruction for staff in the use of ventilators.