Los Montesinos author Andrew Atkinson’s talk on Ukulele star George Formby and his fiancee Pat Howson at Che Loco Restaurant, El Chaparral, La Siesta, on March 19, has been cancelled, due to the coronavirus.

“It is unfortunate the talk has been cancelled, due to the serious situation of the coronavirus outbreak,” said Andrew, author of ‘Formby’s Lost Love’, who was set to talk to members of the Nosmokingclub.

My Little Stick of Blackpool Rock star Formby died, aged 58, in March 1961, days after his engagement, on Valentine’s Day, to RE teacher Pat Howson, who tragically died of ovarion cancer, aged 48, in 1970.

talk on Ukulele legend George Formby
Talk on Ukulele legend George Formby cancelled

“I look forward to talking about George Formby and Pat Howson at a future date. Stay safe and look after yourselves,” said Andrew, whose book Formby’s Lost Love, was acknowledged by HM The Queen.

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