San Javier Bar fined for ignoring State of Emergency

San Javier Bar fined for ignoring State of Emergency
San Javier Bar fined for ignoring State of Emergency

Pet owners are warned that they must not walk distances greater than 500 metres from their home

The Local Police of San Javier has imposed 25 fines, one to a bar that was still open on Monday “semi-clandestinely” with customers inside. The remaining sanctions were handed to people who were walking in the street or in public spaces without being able to justify any of the legal exceptions allowed by the state of emergency.

Also on Monday many pet owners were advised that the exemption allowing them to walk their pets outside only applies to a distance of 500 metres from their homes. “They purpose of taking a dog outside is not for exercise but in order to relieve itself. We believe that a distance of 500 meters is more than enough to allow that to happen,” a police spokesman said.

Since Sunday, both the Civil Guard and the Local Police have continued to patrol the streets and throughout yesterday most of the streets were deserted, although the movement of vehicles has forced increased controls for cars in which no more than two people can travel.

Neither is it now possible to go accompanied to buy food or to visit the pharmacy if you do not accompany a child or a person with limited mobility.

The police say that controls will continue to be carried out randomly on all roads in the municipality of San Javier.

The mayor of San Javier, José Miguel Luengo said on Monday “there has been a great response from the residents of San Javier who say that they are willing to continue doing what is necessary to try to stop the contagions”.

He pointed out that “those who are not doing so must realise their irresponsibility towards the rest of the people who are respecting seclusion and remember that the State Security Forces and Bodies are there to enforce the state of emergency and carry out sanctions for those found to be in breach”.