Potbelly, also known as abdominal obesity, is characterized by having extra fat in the stomach. Various reasons can cause this situation, some of which include a high intake of carbohydrates and processed foods like white bread, pizza, and ice cream.

This is because these types of foods tend to result in high-fat storage in the body. Most of these fats goes to the stomach, which in turn creates the pot belly look. 

There is a surgical procedure that has helped eliminate pot belly. This is done especially when the stomach muscles and skin have stretched out so much that it becomes hard to return to normal regardless of the diet.

According to Tummy tuck specialists, this surgical procedure not only clears the sagging skin around the stomach, but also helps remove the excess fat stuck between the lower and upper abdomen. All that is needed of you is to book an appointment with a qualified plastic surgeon, and everything will fall in place. 

If surgery isn’t your morning cup of tea, there are a few proven eating strategies that target the fat in the belly area more than other areas of the body. They include the following;

Limit sugar intake

Research shows that consuming sugar-sweetened drinks can affect metabolic health. This is because sugar is known to be half fructose and half glucose. The liver metabolizes fructose in significant amounts. This implies that it will be overloaded with fructose, thereby forcing the organ to turn it into fats, which is mostly accumulated in the belly.

It is, therefore, vital to limit the amount of sugar in your diet. It is still advisable for one to take low sugar or eliminate sugary drinks. Whole fruit is recommended because of its richness in fiber that helps mitigate the impacts of fructose.

More protein intake

Another eating habit that helps in getting rid of pot belly is by taking more proteins. According to reliable research, protein is referred to as the most beneficial macronutrient in losing weight.

It helps in reducing cravings by a significant percentage and also in boosting metabolism. High protein intake is essential in eliminating potbelly since it contains fewer calories than carbohydrates. Research shows that people who eat more proteins tend to have less fat in the belly. 

Some of the best sources of protein in a diet are:

  • Legumes
  • Dairy products
  • Whole eggs
  • Nuts
  • Seafood

Quality protein supplements are also recommended, especially for people who struggle with getting enough protein on the menu. An excellent example of this is the whey protein.

Avoid the chewing gum

Now and then, health specialists have recommended the chewing of gum to help keep your mouth busy. Chewing gum also helps prevent you from reaching for the junk. The only problem is that the same activity can lead to swallowing of air, which leads to bloating.

Besides, from an expert’s perspective, the chewing can stimulate the digestive enzymes to expect food, and as a result, hunger. It’s this kind of desire that causes overeating, and as a result, a potbelly. 

Take sufficient water

In addition to the above guidelines on losing pot belly, taking a lot of water is proven to be helpful. To experience effective results, it is recommended to take warm water before you start your day. This helps cleanse your digestive system and also in improving metabolism.

A lot of water intake is also said to help curb extra calorie consumption. This is because one tends to feel fuller on consuming more water, thus reducing food intake.

Chew food thoroughly

When it’s mealtime, it’s recommended that you make it a relaxed moment, if you are looking forward to a flat tummy. It would be best if you chewed each mouthful until the food is liquid. This eating trick helps ensure that the meal is appropriately digested while encouraging you to eat slowly.

In return, this eating habit helps reduce your chances of overeating. As a result, this can help with regulating your belly fat in the long run. 

Recently, the number of individuals struggling with potbelly fat has continued to rise at an alarming rate. Now and then, new ideas have been introduced intending to tackle the problem upfront. Highlighted in this article are some of the leading eating lifestyles that you can borrow.

Read through the entire piece to understand how shedding the potbelly fat shouldn’t be much of a problem.