The Spanish Government has declared a State of Emergency as the number of Coronavirus cases climbed by more than 1.000 overnight. The current number of known cases is approaching 5.000 in Spain making the country the second most infected in Europe.

The State of Emergency has been declared for the next 15 days with the Government using the State of Emergency as an “instrument included in the Constitution that provides the Government with extraordinary resources to face the health and social emergency generated by the #Covid19.” According the Sanchez the Coronavirus creates extraordinary circumstances and tomorrow, Saturday, a meeting will take place which will determine the next steps which will be taken by the Government in order to ensure the safety, security, and health of its citizens. Economic, health, military, and civil actions will be decided to safeguard the most vulnerable citizens.

Currently there have been 4.334 reported cases of Coronavirus in Spain with more than 120 fatalities. Around 200 cases have fully recovered from the virus.

The State of Emergency which has now been agreed by Congress gives the Government the extra powers it needs in order to contain the Coronavirus. From tomorrow, the Government will be able to limit the movement of people, intervene in businesses, temporarily seize assets, initiate rationing, and limit goods and services.