The Guardia Civil are investigating a robbery after an ATM cash machine was ripped from the ground during the early hours of Sunday morning in La Regia urbanisation, close to the
Leroy Merlin Builders Merchants.

Local residents reported hearing loud noises at about 12.40 am but simply assumed the ‘bin men’ were being unusually noisy.

But as he peered through his window one man said he saw a white pickup truck continually ramming the machine before the driver fixed chains to its base and ripped it from its mountings.

The robber was joined by a second man who screeched up to the scene in a white four door Audi Saloon.

There was a loud explosion followed by screeching of tyres and loud engine revving as the ATM was dislodged.

The whole operation took about ten minutes to complete before the two men raced away in their respective vehicles.

It is not known how much was taken from the machine