As we get older many of us find that we suffer from varicose veins that have become visible to the naked eye, from small (spider veins) to larger ones (truncal veins), which are also quite unsightly.

Listed below are many of the signs or symptoms that necessitate us seeking the advice of a specialist doctor for their treatment at a vein clinic such as Novarices in Torrevieja?

  1. Appearance of dilated veins in our legs:

Unlike spider veins, the larger varicose veins are usually associated with the greatest number of complications. Suffering from voluminous varicose veins in the legs is sufficient reason to have them treated in order to slow down their growth.

  1. Aesthetic changes to your legs.

Every one of us knows how our legs look and can spot the difference if a change occurs, for example a change of the skin colour of your legs. The changes don’t take place from one day to the next so it’s recommended to check them regularly.

The modern ofice suite in Torrevieja
The modern ofice suite in Torrevieja

People that have varicose veins can be extremely familiar with the feeling of frustration, especially when the summer comes and they have to uncover their legs at the beach. The psychological weight becomes heavier from the staring of other people and often having to respond people’s questions like: What is wrong with your legs? Is it normal or you have a problem?

If you don’t want to show your legs and feel uncomfortable about them, that alone is a sufficient reason to have your leg vein problem treated.

  1. Tiredness and heaviness of your legs.

Varicose veins are to blame for the pain, the discomfort and numbness you may feel. These symptoms are evident especially for people whose work involves a lot of standing.

  1. Changes on your skin:

The varicose veins pigment in the skin, can make your skin look darker, drier, or crack and weaken it.

  1. Appearance of venous leg ulcers.

In advanced stages of the disease, people with varicose veins can develop chronic leg ulcers, mostly in the area of the ankles. These ulcers are recurring and very difficult to heal if the main source of the problem is not eliminated.

  1. Bleeding incidents:

If we have varicose veins and have suffered from bleeding of the leg, keep in mind that this occurrence can be repeated. At this point your treatment becomes more urgent.

  1. Repeated Phlebitis.

Phlebitis is the inflammation of a specific venous area. The affected region becomes red and hot and can be felt when touching, like a hardened cord.

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