• Daya Nuevo pet warning

By Andrew Atkinson

A pet owner in Daya Nuevo has warned of a poisoning attempt – after scotch eggs were stuffed with poison – and left in her garden.

“We arrived home to hear that someone had been trying to poison our pets,” said the pets’ owner,” away, when the poisoning attempt was undertaken.

“They used scotch eggs with poison inserted,” said the owner, whose pets were saved from eating the sausage meat by eagle-eyed neighbours.

“Our friends and pet carers got to the scotch eggs – packed with poison – before any of our animals did,” they added.

“Whoever is responsible for this evil, disgusting act, are scum bags,” said the pets’ owner.

The poisoning incident is the latest to have been made within the Vega Baja regions.

Cats were targeted by placing poison within Los Montesinos recently.

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