Sports that are Worth Investing In

Sports that are Worth Investing In
Sports that are Worth Investing In

There is nothing like waking up on a crisp autumn morning and seeing the bright and colourful leaves falling down as you embark on a track into the woods with your trusty bow and arrows.

Recently I combined my passion for the outdoors with my athletic nature and decided to purchase a high quality bow; but not after some heavy consideration. 

If you live in the wilderness or enjoy spending time out in the bushes I would recommend investing in an outdoor sport. Some of the outdoor sports include hunting, fishing, archery, and rocky climbing.

Personally, I am a huge fan of the outdoors and I have recently began reading about bow hunting. My friend that do bow hunt tell me that it is one of the most exciting and relaxing outdoor activities they have ever done. 

One of the issues I initially had with the sport was the large upfront cost of purchasing a bow. High quality bows can run you thousands of dollars, however after doing my research I believe that investing into a nice bow will definitely be worth it when it comes time to draw back and shoot my first arrow.

I learned that if you do your research you will be able to find the best bow for the money you decide to spend. 

What to look for

You should look for a strong, durable bow, that is capable of shooting arrows both far and accurately. Another important factor to consider before investing in a bow is the weight of the actual bow itself. You may be built like a bodybuilder but trust me, you will be exhausted carrying a heavy bow, up a large hill in the middle of the woods. 

Bows are worth it

With bows you can use them recreationally or you can use them for sport hunting. Bows can also be fun for the whole family. I still remember shooting a bow for the very first time with my father who had set up a target with a balloon in the centre. I remember my very first shoot I only 20 yards away but I pulled back and let go.

I hit the target on my very first shot and the balloon popped so loud that my heart felt like it jumped out of my chest. Funny to think that it took my 15 some years after that experience to pick up a bow again and start shooting.  I never forgot that experience but it was not until I plucked up a bow again that I realized truly how special that experience was. If you have never experience a bow.

When it comes to purchasing a bow I would recommend doing your research and spending the extra dollars now so you can have a truly unforgettable experience later when you hit the outdoors with your high quality bow.

A good compound bow will last for years and provide you with a lifetime of adventure. Just remember when you decide to invest in this outdoor sport that you are getting ready for an amazing experience.