• Senegalese born Gorgui saves the life of disabled Alex, trapped in his house, following blaze in Denia.By Andrew Atkinson

A Senalganese man who saved the life of disabled person who was trapped in his house, following a huge blaze, is to be put forward for legal residencia.

The Senegal hero, married with a child, took quick action upon seeing the billowing smoke pouring from the property, by placing wooden stepladders up to the balcony, and entering the engulfed house.

The dramatic scenes (pictured) show the rescue taking place, with the hero carrying the victim on his shoulders to safety.

The Bomberos and Policia attended the scene in the aftermath of the inferno, with the casualty being taken to hospital.

A petition to reward the Senegalese, named as Gorgui Lamine Sow, 20, with permanent residence has been lodged by Denia Town Council to the Valencia Regional Government.

Unregistered immigrant Gorgui, reportedly a street hawker, who saved the 39 year old man, named Alex, travels daily to Denia from Gandia, to sell his wares to support his family.