• Violent robbers grab man’s wrist, in attempt to steal watch, and attempt to prise wife’s rings off fingers

THE Civil Guardia and Local Policia are searching for “hugger-muggers” – following a violent attack on a couple in La Zenia.

The unnamed couple were approached by two people at a car park, near to La Zenia beach on Monday, November 4.

Two girls, described as teenagers, approached the married couple and asked for directions of a Restaurant in the area.

It was then that the ‘hugger muggers’ attempted to shake hands – followed with a greetings kiss.

The couple, both in their mid-50s, moved away as the girls continued to proceed to ‘hug’.

The ‘hugger-muggers’ then violently turned on the couple, grabbing the man’s wrist, in an attempt to steal his watch, and attempted to prise his wife’s rings off her fingers.

The man reacted, by pushing one of the girls away, and shouted to his wife to push the other girl away – as they tried to mug them.

Moments after the attack a unknown model of car (silver) arrived at the scene – and the ‘hugger muggers’ jumped in, prior to the car speeding off.

“Unforunately, I didn’t manage to get the car make, or number plate,” said the male victim.

“Thankfully they got away with nothing. But it has shook us up, thinking what could have happened,” he said.

Describing the attackers, he said: “One girl had long, dark hair, tied in a pony tail, and was wearing a red, black and white tracksuit.

“The other girl had medium brown, shoulder length hair, wearing jeans and a blue top.”

The incident has been reported to the Local Police authorities, with the victims making a formal report, and enquiries are ongoing.