The open tenpin bowling tournament “City of Torrevieja”, very popular among growing masses of national and international bowlers, will be held for the eighth year running at Ozone Bowling Torrevieja between October 12 and 20.

It is the second largest tenpin tournament in Spain, second only to the Brunswick Madrid Challenge, an oficial tournament in the annual European Bowling Tour.

The qualifying phase of the Open City of Torrevieja will end on Saturday, October 19. The format is six games, played in American style, i.e. alternating between two lanes. Re-entries are unlimited. Ladies are awarded a handicap of 8 pins per game. The final phase among the top-32 qualifiers will take place throughout Sunday, October 20, culminating in a series of one-game matches between the top-eight survivors.

The bowler who has the highest aggregate score in the end will receive a cheque of 3,000 euros and a trophy. Even the last 16 finalists take 200 euros. All prizes will be awarded as stipends, to compensate for travel, accommodation, and equipment expenses. Among the last five champions of the Open City of Torrevieja there are three Finns, a Spaniard and a Norwegian.

In addition to the open category, for bowlers with averages of 190 or higher, the tournament also has two lower categories: Category B (averages between 189.99 and 170) and Category C (averages below 170). In these categories there are direct prizes for the top-five qualifiers.

During the tournament, entry to the bowling centre will be free at all times. The last two days of qualifying – Friday, October 18 and Saturday, October 19 – as well as the final phase of Sunday 20, will be broadcast live on YouTube. In addition, Ozone Bowling Torrevieja has an online scoring service. The corresponding links can be found on the website of the organizers, Club Eurobowling Torrevieja (

More than 50% of the participants come from outside Spain and around 30% are bowlers from various autonomous regions of Spain, many of them accompanied by family members or friends. A typical stay is between four and five nights. Consequently, the tournament brings an unquestionable touristic value to Torrevieja.

More information: Jarmo E Peltonen

Chairman Club Eurobowling Torrevieja

Phone: +34 626 751 585