IAIN Alexander portraits, including that of boxing stars Anthony Joshua, Mike Tyson, Conor McGregor and late, legendary Muhammad Ali, don the walls of his mother, Vivienne Shepherd’s business, Quesada Fitness Gym, in Quesada, Alicante, Spain.

“When you market your work, do it right. If the quality of the work is good enough, then you shouldn’t struggle in selling,” said Iain.

“As long as the prices are right  – £1,000-£1,200 – if you are too cheap people see it as a lack of quality,” said Iain, who specialises in aluminium and glass, using diamond and gold dust, and epoxy resin.

“£10,000 – and above – is seen by a buyer as an investment,” said Iain, who sold a portrait of David Bowie at auction for £30,000, with the money going to Charity.

“There is art out there that does well, no matter what materials you use. Exploring art is about the enjoyment. Painting is done for the love of it – or to sell,” said Iain.

Iain moved into art after a spinal injury ended his swimming career, in the wake of the 2000 Olympic Games in Australia, where he was set to represent GB.

“I fell out of love what art stood for, to be honest,” said Iain, who lived in Dubai for six years.

Muhammad Ali. Portrait by Iain Alexander. ALTR ego @ altregoart
Muhammad Ali. Portrait by Iain Alexander. ALTR ego @ altregoart

“While in Dubai I worked for Royalty – and that kick-started me back into art at that time,” said Iain, whose clients include commissions from Royalty, sports stars and celebrities.

“I believe in myself,” said Iain, 39, who is staging an exhibition in Los Angeles in 2019.

Iain, who resides in Jersey, also has portraits of Bowie and The Beatles showcased in Quesada.

Quesada Fitness Gym owner Vivienne said: “Art made the gym – with the displays on the walls.”

Iain added: “I am very fortunate to be in art – it’s inspirational. My vision was to create something of a ‘culture club’ around the gym.”

Iain Alexander. ALTR ego@altregoart