There comes a time when the progeny are able to teach their parents enough about the way things work that the parents might want to start listening. In the case of countries, there are not that many countries that can be referred to as parents, the UK might be the only one.

In this case, we are going to be talking about the gambling and casino regulation that is applied to the industry in Toronto, Canada and that the UK could learn from. The way that gambling is treated in Canada is a little more progressive than the way it is in the UK, as in it allows casinos to exist and operate on their lands with fewer hoops to jump through.

The point of the article is to showcase that there are only minor adjustments required in the approach of the UK to said industry, in order to make it easier for the industry to exist and make it a little more able to operate at high efficiency.


The differences in regulation between the two countries are not that many, but they are significant in how they affect the industry. The UK has harsher controls over who and how opens on land casinos. Earlier in the history of the country, gambling houses were considered a natural part of the economy, but moving into the 2000s, things started to change.

At a certain point, the government was going to allow the construction of some mega casinos within certain cities that qualified for the construction, but the decision to do so was cancelled.

Instead, the country decided to allow the construction of smaller casinos. But still, even today, the current situation does make it much harder even for small casinos to appear within the country. This means that the majority of gambling within the country either happens online or through gambling machines.

The control of where and how casinos are established in Canada are left to the individual regions of the country. The country does not forbid location casinos and leaves the majority of the decisions to the regions themselves.

This leads to certain differences in their approaches to gambling across the country, but the overall approach seems to be pretty much the same. They allow small casinos and certain large scale casinos in areas that are zoned for this.

Although the majority of the casinos are located on indigenous land, the fact that Canada has relatively lax rules on casinos has resulted in the industry growing larger and employing more people. While there are many online casinos Canada, the presence of physical casinos is rather significant as well.

If the UK allowed certain areas to build casinos depending on their zoning, in terms of size and number of casinos, then it might be discovered that the UK can actually benefit from this.

Moving from online to offline

One of the major effects of physical casinos is the fact that the majority of the people who are playing online would be more willing to move to offline casinos. But even going a step beyond that, there is a possibility that a large chunk of the population without access to the internet or knowledge of it is unable to access the gambling services that they desire.

Allowing for the existence of such casinos would rope in the part of the population that is not necessarily internet savvy, further growing the industry and bringing more benefits to the country overall. This would make for a significant addition to the overall GDP of the country. Bring more consumers in, while also taking away consumers from online casinos that redistribute the GDP of the UK residents across the world.

There are other benefits beyond this, but the significance of the ones mentioned above should be enough to allow for the idea to become more popular among those who care for the UK.




  1. For sure – landed based and online casinos are different if we are talking about emotions that players get. Online casino has much more accessibility for all players all over the country or even world. You can be served 24/7 the best way ever. Landed based casinos brings kinda another feelings and if you catch your game – you can win or lose much more than in online one….To cut long story short – it depends on player’s needs and tastes