The dates and location for the annual August fiestas held on the Urbanisation Marina-Oasis in honour of the Virgen del Paz. On FRIDAY, AUGUST 9th and SATURDAY, AUGUST 10th – EVENINGS – they will be held in CONSUM SQUARE. For SUNDAY, AUGUST 11th there will be a GIANT BAR-B-QUE during the day in Plaza Sierra de Castilla.

The two councillors responsible for fiestas issued the following statement:

As Councillors for Fiestas, Samantha Hull and Fina Sampere Mirete, we thank you for your comments in respect of yesterday’s announcement about the August fiestas.

We appreciate the number of concerns about

  1. a) The change to the second weekend of August
  2. b) A reduction to two nights – Friday and Saturday – of live entertainment.

For whatever reason, the previous council had not organised anything for this year’s fiestas on the Urbanisation, and so we were left with a very short timescale to arrange everything. If we had insisted on the fiestas taking place over the first week of August, then we would have had no fiestas at all as such events have to LEGALLY be put out to tender. Unfortunately, it’s not a case of picking up a ‘phone and booking acts etc. The earliest dates we could arrange the fiestas for was the following weekend.

With a reduced budget, we also took the decision to ensure quality over quantity and have top-class entertainment over two nights in Consum Square…and yes, there will be the traditional foam parties on both nights; and also have a giant barbeque on Phase One – Plaza de Sierra Castilla – on Sunday lunchtime.

These arrangements will be for ONE YEAR ONLY as there will be more time to prepare for 2020’s events…over the FIRST WEEKEND in August!

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at and enjoying what promises to be an excellent weekend of Urbanisation fiestas.