Mojácar´s new Municipal Council was constituted on Saturday 15th June at the town´s Centro de Usos Múltiples, an event to which members of the public had been invited.  Those elected were formally sworn in and, following a vote by all Councillors, Rosa María Cano Montoya was named Mayor.

In her speech, she thanked the people of Mojácar for their support, saying that it was “the largest number of votes for any political group in the Mojácar’s history” and, she asked the opposition for their loyalty in putting  the welfare of all Mojaqueros first, above party interests.

She then gave a brief overview of some of the most important projects planned for their new term, along with her commitment to continue working hard and maintain her open-door policy.

She gave also gave thanks for the efforts of her own team who have now been sworn in to take up their positions, in addition to congratulating all Councillors of the newly constituted corporation, regardless of their political orientation.  She added that the Mojaqueros had entrusted each and every one of them a task of great importance and, that is to work for Mojácar and for its future.

She also asked the opposition Councillors to put aside party or personal interests by supporting the initiatives aimed to enhance the quality of life for those in Mojácar and, to respect the democratic mandate resulting from the polls.

Mojácar Council is made up of 13 Councillors and, as a result of the recent election, the Partido Popular gained 8 seats, with 5 going jointly to the Partido Socialista and Somos Mojácar.

The Partido Popular Councillors sworn into office are; Rosa Maria Cano, Emmanuel Aguero, Maria Luisa Perez, Agustín Montoya, Ana María García, Raquel Belmonte, Lucas John Mayo and, Francisco García Cerdá, who is the youngest within the Corporation as well as it being a first time for him to hold office.

The Partido Socialista and Somos Mojácar Councillors are; Manuel Zamora, Carla García, Adele Land, Rosa Bartolomé and Adrián Martín.

Once all the formalities and speeches were over, everyone was invited to stay for refreshments and, enjoy the rest of the Moors and Christians Fiesta weekend.