A private plane en route from Amsterdam skidded off the runway at Alicante airport just before 2pm on Thursday afternoon

The Civil Guard and Aena, who attended the incident, say that four people were slightly injured, two passengers and the two pilots.

It is thought that the accident could have been caused by either a blowout on a tyre or brake failure on attempting to bring the aircraft to a halt.

The airport has activated the security protocol and will be closed until at least 5:00 p.m. as a result of which fifteen flights have been diverted to Valencia, Murcia and Barcelona. Tere have alse been delays to the departures with several flights unable to take off due to the accident.

The private jet will be removed with the use of a crane, so the exact time at which normal service will be resumed is not known, with some sources claiming that the airport will be closed until after 6 pm and others indicating that it will should reopen by 5pm.